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france self-guided walking tour
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Self-guided walking tour on Champagne wine trails. Independent walking holidays
on Champagne vineyard trails around Epernay and Reims in Marne valley, along
Côte des Blancs and Montagne de Reims, famous Champagne producing areas.

Champagne !! Behind these billions of fine bubbles, this celebration wine hides a long history: the passion of men and women for their vineyards and the wines they produce in a region full of contrasts and charm. The vineyards of the Marne Valley differ from those of the Côte des Blancs, which also different from those of the Montagne de Reims, and yet, they all produce wines of subtle, delicate and enchanting wines. This hike will take you through the vineyards and villages of the Champagne region where you will discover monuments as well as testimonies of a long and glorious past. This journey will allow you to learn and appreciate more the wonderful diversity od wines produced in Champagne.

Independent walking holidays.

DATES: April to October.
DEPARTURE: any day of the week.
DIFFICULTY: Grade 2 - walks of 4 to 6 hours a day. Some stages could be more 20 km (13/15 miles) and rolling uplands, ascents mainly gradual than steep of up to 500 m. An average level of fitness or some experience with walking is recommended.

Villages & vineyards of Champagne

Day 1 - Arrival in EPERNAY, the capital of Champagne

Stroll through the city along the majestic "avenue de Champagne" where the world famous champagne houses are located. Visit of wine cellars.
Dinner, lodging and breakfast in a 3-star hotel in the centre of the city or in a 2-star hotel (budget traveller)


Transport to Le Mesnil-sur-Oger by taxi. From there, you will begin your walk back to Epernay following the Côte des Blancs, named after the hillside vineyards that produce white wine, and more specifically, Chardonnay. As you walk through the vine-covered slopes you will pass the small, charming villages of Oger, Avize, and Cramant, all with beautiful churches, old washing basins, and fountains. Cramant is situated on a chalk peak and gives beautiful views of the Côte des Blancs. You will continue across the southern hills of Epernay, passing the villages of Monthelon and Chavot-Courcourt with its 13th century feudal church erected on a mount outside the village. Along the hillside, overlooking the villages of Moussy and Piercy and its 18th century château, you will make your way back to Epernay.
Lodging and breakfast in the same hotel or in a 2-star hotel (budget traveller)


Transportt to Chatillon by taxi, the birthplace of Pope Urbain II (pope from 1088 to 1099 – he began the first crusade). You will descend to the river banks of the Marne, passing the Binson Priory, the Notre-Dame-des-Vignes statue and along the river to the Reuil village. Make your way through the vineyards to the villages of Trincourt, Venteuil, and Arty to descend to the pretty riverside village of Domery. This stretch will give you remarkable panoramas of the Marne Valley and the château of Boursault, situated on the opposite bank. Your walk continues through the vineyards to Hautvillers, the birthplace of champagne. Its at Hautvillers that Don Pérignon created Champagne and became famous. At the end of the afternoon you will be escorted back to Epernay by taxi.
Lodging and breakfast in the same hotel or in a 2-star hotel (budget traveller)

Day 4 - AY – AMBONNAY (21 km)

Transport to Ay by taxi. Ay is a historic site and one of the most famous vineyards of Champagne. You will begin your hike through the vineyards to arrive in the village of Mutigny. You will continue through the villages of Avenay-Val-d'Or, Fontaine-sur-Ay and Bouzy (famous for its red wines) before reaching Ambonnay and its 12th century church, Saint Réol.
Dinner, lodging and breakfast in a charming 2-star hotel or in a 2-star hotel (budget traveller)


Transfer to Mailly-Champagne by taxi. You will walk again through the vineyards. The Verzenay windmill and the lighthouse are landmarks of your immediate destination. The lighthouse was built as recently as the 19th century by a wine-merchant in search of fame. Moving on, you will reach Verzy and continue through the forest to admire the famous “Faux” of Verzy, an entanglement of rare beech trees. These beech trees, with a slow rate of growth and long life-span, grow in twisted, knotted patterns, their branches spreading out like a canopy. You will continue through the forest to the village of Trepail before heading back to Ambonnay.
Dinner, lodging and breakfast in the same hotel or in a 2-star hotel (budget traveller)

Day 6 - LUDES – JOUY LES REIMS (21 km)

Transfer to Ludes by taxi. Going through vineyards, you will pass the pleasant villages of Chigny-les-Roses, and Rilly-la-Montagne. From Mont Joly, you will discover Reims. Making your way through vineyard, you will pass Chamery, Ecueil and its 12th century church and Sacy with its 12th century church. The hike ends at the top of the hill near Ville-Dommange, at the Chapel Saint Lié, dedicated to a 5th century hermit. From there you will have a splendid view of the Reims region. A taxi will take you to Reims.
Lodging and breakfast in a 3-star hotel or in a 2-star hotel (budget traveller)

Day 7 - REIMS - Gothic art and Champagne

Reims is best known for the Cathedral of Notre Dame, a masterpiece of gothic art. It includes the Palais de Tau, which holds the treasures of the cathedral, the basilica of Saint Rémi, and the museum that now resides in the ancient royal abbey. The city center has its own monuments, such as La Porte Mars, evidence of ancient Reims. But one must not forget that Reims is the city of champagne, of great names who, grouped together in the neighborhood of Champ-de-Mars or on the chalk hillsides of Saint Nicaise, always welcome visitors for wine tasting. Lodging and breakfast in the same hotel or in a 2-star hotel (budget traveller)

Day 8 - REIMS.
Tour ends after breakfast.

  • 2020 walking tour
    in Champagne

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    discerning travellers

    1165 Euros / person

    365 Euros

    1580 Euros

  • walks for
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    675 Euros / person

    250 Euros

    1075 Euros

Price includes:

7 nights accommodation in selected 2 & 3-star hotels
7 breakfasts - 3 gourmet dinners
Taxi transfers : Epernay-Le Mesnil S/Oger, Epernay-Chatillon sur Marne, Hautvillers- Epernay, Epernay-Ay, Ambonnay-Mailly Champagne, Ambonnay-Ludes, St Lie chapel- Reims.

These rates do not include:

Lunches, drinks, and sundries , Insurance for cancellation

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