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Self- drive holidays in Dordogne from 660 Euros (twin-share).

South of the Loire, is another of France's awe-inspiring destinations - The Dordogne - part of the Aquitane region which has it all - medieval villages, chateaux, pre-historic caves, gardens and pristine countryside. The Dordogne is one of the most famous, memorable and beautiful areas of France. Perfect for slow, ambling self-drive holidays. Steeped in history through the Ages, the Dordogne is named after its mighty river. Its cultural history is so vast it is divided into 4 areas, each with its own unique charm and diverse landscapes. Be it villages carved into the steep riverbanks or medieval villages, nestled on hilltops, overlooking enchanting valleys. After discovering the Loire, drive to the Dordogne - combining two of the icons of regional France.

Why choose a self-drive tour rather than car rental?

Renting a car in France is easy. You do not need assistance for that. However, getting suitable accommodation could be a challenge as well as knowing where to go and what to see. Our solution is a self-drive tour where all of this ( accommodation, tour guide and local knowledge) is provided. We can't do much about driving on the right, but we can make you feel more relaxed at the wheel with precise directions to follow, a list of places to visit and pre-booked quality accommodation every night, including where to park. Choosing one of our self-drive tour will allow you to see a lot without worrying or wasting any time. Each night, you will stay at a good hotel we have inspected and carefully selected for you.

Our self-drive wallet contains:

• One or several green Michelin guides (the best!) • Detailed maps of the region (scale 1cm = 1Km) • Iitinerary with distances, time & GPS bearing • A list of restaurants, shops, wine producers • Practical notes on "what to do and see".

dordogne 7 day self-drive tours.

your itinerary

Leaving Bordeaux in the direction of St Emilion you will pass through Libourne, a fortified castle built on the Dordogne in the 13th century. The medieval city is known for its wines but also for its world’s largest troglodyte church. Today, you will drive through a collection of UNESCO listed Natural World Heritage sites. Then you will follow the river Dordogne until you reach the small vineyards of Monbazillac. On day 3, once you’ve finished the visit of Bergerac, go back up the Dordogne in order to visit several abbeys before arriving at the “Cingle de Trémolat”, a meander of the river made up of high white cliffs offering breathtaking views of the Dordogne. On day 4, you will drive to Sarlat, following the river Dordogne dotted with villages of outstanding natural beauty such as Beynac, Cazenac or La Roque Gageac, stunning gardens such as Marqueyssac and impressive castles. In Sarlat, the sheer beauty of the old town will sweep you off your feet while you walk through the maze of narrow medieval streets sheltering numerous gothic and Renaissance hotels. On day 6, you are on your way to Castelnaud and Souillac. The river banks abound with fortified castles and bastides. Discover the castle of Castelnaud, the royal bastide of Domme, the castle of Fénélon and then the elegant 15th Century castle of Milandes. On your last day from Souillac to Bretenoux, you will stop at Rocamadour, a village and sanctuary perched on the side of a cliff! Later, descend 325ft into the depths of the earth to visit the Padirac Chasm or Gouffre de Padirac. Then drive through more beautiful villages such as Gluges, Carennac, Loubressac. Welcome to Dordogne!


Along the Dordogne river : 7 day package from 660 Euros.

Tour begins at Bordeaux and finishes in Brive-La-Gaillarde.
VALUE** (2* Hotels): 660 Euros / person (twin share)
GREAT COMFORT*** (3* Hotels): 992 Euros / person (twin share)
DELUXE**** (3/4* Chateaux-Hotels): 1883 Euros / person (twin share)

Dordogne & Périgord. 7 day package from 789 Euros

Tour begins at Perigueux and finishes in Brive-La-Gaillarde.
VALUE** (2* Hotels): 789 Euros / person (twin share)
GREAT COMFORT*** (3* Hotels): 1162 Euros / person (twin share)
DELUXE**** (3/4* Chateaux-Hotels): 2128 Euros / person (twin share)

NOTE: For your convenience, our prices include car rental. If you prefer to hire a car directly yourself, you are welcome to do so. Ask our consultant to quote the tour without the car.

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