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Remarkable for its unique climate and its chalky soil, Champagne vineyards are made of Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Pinot meunier. Come and follow the “Road of Champagne” ambling through the villages “Grand Cru” and “1er Cru”. The Champagne Houses and the world-famous Champagne cellars, are located in Reims and Epernay. Veuve Cliquot Champagne, Moet & Chandon Champagne (including the iconic Champagne Dom Perignon) are steeped in history, traditions and expertise. Join us for a memorable Champagne journey.

Your private tour includes:

- 3 customised wine tasting selected to suit your personal taste
- detailed explanation of the art of blending adapted to your knowledge
- lunch pre-booked in the restaurant of your choice

Your very expert guide, Gonzagues Descamps, native from Champagne, will take you for an unforgettable Champagne experience. Planing your visit to your wishes, he will make sure that the 3 visits and tastings will take place at one of the major Champagne House, at a middle-size or small Champagne house, and also at an excellent winemaker-grower exporting Champagne to your country. That way, you will be introduces to a trilogy of expertises. After such visits in the heart of Champagne, you will cerrtainly enjoy even more the flavours and aromas of the different Champagne.

Private Tour in Champagne

Certainly the best way to visit Champagne.

tour from Paris
Pick-up 8 am / Return 8 pm Paris

Your driver guide will pick you up at 8 am from your hotel in Paris for a memorable day in the heart of Champagne. Once the visit finished, he will drive you back to your door step.

2 personnes: 960 Euros / 480 Euros per person - 3 personnes: 1020 Euros / 340 Euros per person
4 personnes: 1044 Euros / 261 Euros per person - 5 personnes: 1065 Euros / 213 Euros per person
6 personnes: 1092 Euros / 182 Euros per person - 7 personnes: 1106 Euros / 158 Euros per person

tours from reims
PICK-UP 9 AM / RETURN 6 PM reims

Your driver guide will pick you up at 9 am from the station or 9.30am your hotel in Reims. Once the visit finished, he will drive you back to your hotel or the station.
2 personnes: 606 Euros / 303 Euros per person - 3 personnes: 636 Euros / 212 Euros per person
4 personnes: 648 Euros / 162 Euros per person - 5 personnes: 660 Euros / 132 Euros per person
6 personnes: 672 Euros / 112 Euros per person - 7 personnes: 679 Euros / 97 Euros per person

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sample itinerary.

Each Champagne Tour is customised to clients requirements. 3 visits of the Champagne Houses of your choice are booked in advance. You will be welcomed by the vigneron.
A typical Champagne day tour includes:
- First visit of a Champagne vineyard mid morning
- Visit of the Cathedral de Reims (optional)
- Lunch (not included) in the restaurant of your choice
- Second visit of Champagne vineyard around 2 pm
- Third visit around 4 pm

private and customised tours.

All tours are private and customized but it doesn't mean necessarily that visits and tastings are private. Except for Dom Pérignon which is always a private visit, all the other visits at Champagne houses are shared with other visitors. A private visit can always be organised upon request. Here are samples of maximum number of guests per visit:
Ruinart - max 8 / Taittinger - up to 25 / Billecart - max 8-10 / Philipponnat - max 6-8
- VCP - max 8 for "Arômatiquement vôtre" & max 16 for "Découverte" and "Sur les pas"

The art of Champagne making.

The « méthode champenoise » is the art of blending three varieties of grapes - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The champagne varies between each wine maker, coming from the last harvest and different “crus”, with reserve wines from previous harvests. The magic of sparkling, the “prise de mousse”, is obtained by the choice of the type of champagne, according to the dosage of the “expedition liquor” and by ageing bottles in the cellars, “sur latte” (lying horizontally) , “sur pointe” (up side down) and hand-turned...

houses of champagne

There are numerous Houses of Champagne. Some are famous, others less known. To visit major names such as Veuve Cliquot, Moet et Chandon or Don Perignon, you need to book your visit well in advance. Our guide Gonzague Descamps will take care of that. If your favourite Champagne is Mum or Taittinger or another brand, Gonzague Decamps is also able to book you in. He lives in Reims and knows them all. If you are open to new experiences, follow his flair and discover hidden gems in his company such as Champagne Pierre Gimonnet.

pre-book your visits

All Champagne visits have to be booked in advance. Prices vary a lot from one producer to the next. Here are sample tarifs of a some major Houses of Champagne and Gonzague Descamps's recommendations for a couple of others:

Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot Discovery : Enter the heart of our House, our heritage, our savoir-faire. And discover the making-process of our cuvées. The tour includes a tasting of our Brut Yellow Label cuvée. 28€ per person – duration : 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Veuve Clicquot and Rosé champagne : In 1818, she was the first to create a Rosé Champagne blended from her different vineyards. We invite you to discover the history of our house and its Rosé. Visit followed by the tasting of 1 glass of Brut Carte Jaune and 1 glass of Non vintage Rosé. 40€ per person – duration : 1 hour and 15 minutes.

On the footsteps of Madame Clicquot : A portrait of ‘‘la grande dame de la Champagne’’ and the discovery of the cuvée created in her honour. The tour includes a tasting of our Brut Yellow Label cuvée and our prestige cuvée La Grande Dame. 55€ per person – duration : 1 hour.

“Aromaticlly Yours” : It is a moment of communion and sensorial discoveries. You will discover the flowers and fruits of our aromatic garden and for an instant become the nose of Veuve Clicquot champagne. To further travel into the sensory experience, let yourself be guided in the heart of our cellars where you will find out our premium vintages. Tasting: Four vintages including two rare vintages, paired with unpasteurized cheeses. - 128€ per person – duration : 2 hours 1/2.

Moët & Chandon
Moët & Chandon Traditional tour - A journey into the heart of our cellars where the expression of our iconic champagnes are revealed, followed by a tasting of the timeless Moët Imperial, a symbol of the generous and most accomplished of Moët & Chandon styles. Non private visit Traditional tour – tasting one glass of Brut Imperial white – 25 €

Imperial tour - Visit of our historical cellars where the effervescence is created in the bottles followed by the tasting of two champagnes. The iconic Moët Impérial and delightfully seductive Moët Rosé Impérial, both with a bright fruitiness, that take you on an olfactory and gustatory journey. Non private visit Imperial tour – tasting one glass of Brut Imperial white and rosé - 32 €.

Grand Vintage tour - An initiation to the world of Grand Vintage. The Grand Vintage and the Grand Vintage Rosé convey the cellar master's unique signature blend of the years's most remarkable wines, whils respecting the nature of the fruit as the wine acquires its effervescence during the long alow maturation. A year for two exceptional wines. Non private Visit Grand Vintage 2012 White & 2009 Rosé : 40 €.

Dom Pérignon
You will be visiting some of the oldest areas of the cellars which are seldom visited by the public. Tasting of the latest white Dom Pérignon vintages will conclude the visit in an elegant reception room at the Moët mansion.

Dom Pérignon white 2006 – 115 €

Dom Pérignon Duo : DP white V2006 & Rosé V20004 – 180 €

Dom Pérignon P1 and P2 Oenothèque (wine-library) 2008 and 1998 – 250 €.

Our guide Gonzague Descamps recommends a visit at Champagne Billecart-Salmon. Visitors will see a special vineyard, the press, the tank room, 2 exceptional barrel rooms and - icing on the cake - 3 fine wines Family owned Champagne houses located at Mareuil-sur-Aÿ (Montagne de Reims South). 0ne of the most informative and interesting visit in Champagne.

Visit + tasting 3 champagnes including 2 non vintages and 1 vintage 50 €

Visit + tasting 3 vintages 70 € per person.

Champagne Pierre Gimonnet
Gonzague Descamps also recommends a tasting visit at Champagne Pierre Gimonnet in Cuis (Côte des Blancs). The property counts 28 hectares of vineyards in the Côte des Blancs, 3 Grand cru and 2 1er cru. Pierre Gimonnet's Champagnes focused on the finesse, purity, elegance and freshness of exceptionnal chardonnay "terroirs". Founder and member of the well-known Champagne club « Trésors de champagne » and the very exclusive champagnes « Special Club ».

Tasting -5 wines : 20€ per person

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